METZ 全葉三角形金字塔立體設計茶包 METZ Whole Leaf Pyramids

Nov 18, 2021

METZ 全葉三角形金字塔立體設計茶包 有別於一些傳統的品牌, METZ Tea 一個主要特點是在於其獨特的立體金字塔形茶包設計。茶袋內蘊含著足量且優質的整葉式茶葉。

• METZ 全葉式茶葉金字塔茶包可以輕鬆沖泡全葉散茶。(與使用切碎或磨碎茶等級的傳統茶包不同。)

• 獨特的金字塔形狀使散葉茶能夠有足夠空間浸泡並釋放其獨特茶香

• METZ Tea 茶藝在品茶的同時為客人帶來視覺的滿足

• METZ tea 茶包沖泡時間與散葉茶相同, 有別於坊間的袋裝茶 • 茶包和標籤的物料是選用可完全生物降解和可堆肥的物料, 祟尚環保。

• 在包裝過程中 – 每二個茶袋均由機器以180 度旋轉一次, 並維持每分鐘製作 200 個茶包。METZ 茶包的包裝材料比一般市場上的其他茶包減少 25%。

• 在外包裝過程中. 每個 METZ 茶包都經過專利的氮氣注入系統。延長茶的新鮮度確保METZ 所出銷的產品皆是市場上最新鮮的。

• 外包裝物料是由北美團隊為 METZ 項目專門開發的。它完全不受交叉污染的影響。有助於延長及確保 METZ tea 產品的新鮮度


A key feature of the METZ luxury tea is our unique, single use pyramid shaped tea bags. These premium tea bags contain the perfect amount of luxury tea for one cup, in a whole leaf format. Compare them with traditional style teabags and you’ll see the difference immediately

• METZ whole leaf pyramids allow for easy brewing of whole leaf, loose teas. (Unlike traditional tea bags that use chopped or dust tea grades.)

• The unique pyramid shape allows loose leaf teas to expand and release their full flavor

• A tea showcase – they are highly visually appealing

• Brewing times are equal to those of loose leaf, un-bagged teas

• The tea bag string and tag is completely biodegradable and compostable.

• During packing into the box of 25 – every 2nd bag is rotated by a robot 180 degrees. METZ tea bags require 25% less packaging material compared to other pyramid tea bags on the market (the robot earns it’s keep – tea bags are made at 200 per minute).

• Each METZ tea bag during overwrapping is subjected to a patented nitrogen gas injection system. Nitrogen is an inert gas and this fact extends the freshness of the tea significantly. METZ is the freshest tea on the market.

• The envelope material was specially developed in North America for the METZ project. It is completely impervious to cross contamination. It helps retain freshness much longer than normal tea bags.