METZ's Safe and sustainable tea METZ 從種植, 採茶到包裝物料上的一份堅持

Nov 18, 2021

METZ多年來致力提供優質, 安全和可持續的奢華茶藝品。從合乎道德地採購原材料,到嚴格控制我們的供應鏈,我們製造了世界上最穩定的高檔茶供應商之一。 可追溯原料系統 METZ Tea 中的每一個茶包都是 100% 可追溯的。我們的團隊可以將每一袋茶包或每批散茶追溯到原產農場和種植區,甚至可以在幾分鐘內追溯採茶日期和過程 。

另外METZ Tea 更獲得以下國際組織的認證:






METZ Tea 不止是一種茶藝品, 乃是對生活及健康的一種堅持。


Here at METZ, we’re 100% committed to providing a safe and sustainable supply of luxury teas throughout the year. From ethically sourcing our raw ingredients, to maintaining strict control over our supply chain, we manufacture one of the most stable supplies of luxury grade teas anywhere in the world. Immediate tracking Literally every gram of tea in the METZ catalog is 100% traceable. Thanks to our supply network and organizational structure, in the unlikely event of a food safety issue, our team can trace every single teabag, or batch of loose tea, back to the originating farm and growing region, even to the date it was harvested and processes - within minutes.

METZ is certified in good standing with the following organizations:

• C-TPAT (Customs Trade Partners Against Terrorism)

• HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points)

• GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)

• ACS (Air Cargo Security)

• PIP (Partners in Protection)