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    俗話說:「水為茶之母,壺是茶之父」。想泡出好茶,除了好的茶葉和水外,也需要好的茶具器皿。我們用心為您打造了一系列METZ優質茶具,集耐用、時尚和豪華於一身,且帶有 METZ 品牌,絕對能為您的客人帶來不一樣的餐飲體驗。

    Luxury tea deserves a luxury presentation. Wouldn’t you agree? That’s why we’ve crafted these exceptional boxes, caddies and menu displays for your tea service. 
    Durable, stylish and METZ branded, these custom designed displays fit a varying number of our luxury whole leaf pyramid tea bags and loose leaf varieties. A must-have for completing your luxury hospitality program. Explore the whole range.

    6 products
    Teapot Tea Bag Holder
    from $45.00
    Mesh Tea Ball Infuser
    from $42.00
    Snap Mesh Tea Infuser Tongs
    from $39.00
    Measuring Tea Scoop
    from $39.00
    高級茶葉三角鐵罐 Premium Tea Caddy
    茶禮推薦! 奢華茶包展示木箱 [6間格] Deluxe 6-Slot Tea Display Box