Plant-based Teabag Materials

Metz Pyramid Tea Bags are made from plant based material (sugar cane, corn or abaca)which are both commercially compostable and biodegradable. 
They are not made from nylon or any other petroleum based compounds. (Our mantra is – let’s enjoy tea together; naturally).

Our Plant-Based & Plastic-Free Tea Bag Material:

Woven: Thread is made from the plants and the thread is then woven on a large loom (not unlike a cotton material). The woven material is clear and shows off the incredible luxury teas.

Certified Compostable:

The teabag material, string and tag materials are all certified commercially compostable based on the international standard ISO 14855 and the European standard EN 13432.


Fully automated pyramid tea bagging equipment exclusively using plastic free compostable tea bag material – a luxury tea industry first.