Terms and Conditions of Online Shop

  1. Payment and Collection
    • Customers must pay the full amount of the goods upon placing the order.
    • Customers must collect the goods from the designated store within 14 working days after payment.
    • If the customer fails to collect the goods within 14 working days, METZ Luxury Tea reserves the right to return the goods to the company.
    • If the customer subsequently contacts METZ Luxury Tea and requests re-delivery, the store will arrange for re-delivery, but an additional delivery fee will be charged.
  2. Product Shelf Life
    • All tea products from METZ Luxury Tea have a clearly defined shelf life.
    • Customers must collect the goods within the shelf life, and no refunds will be accepted after the expiration date.
    • The store will not be responsible for any expired goods.
  3. Limitation of Liability
    • The store has made its best efforts to contact the customers for collection, and METZ Luxury Tea shall not be liable if the customers fail to collect the goods on time.
    • METZ Luxury Tea shall not be responsible for any loss or claim by the customers.
  4. Other Provisions
    • These terms and conditions are subject to change, and the latest version published by METZ Luxury Tea shall prevail.
    • In case of any dispute, the decision of METZ Luxury Tea shall be final.