Chai Tea 印度香料茶

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    METZ Tea將高檔紅茶葉與 100% 天然優質香料、香草和調味料混合,沖泡出一杯肯定會吸引任何咖啡館、餐廳或酒店重複光顧的茶。

    Spicy, warming and satisfying - what started as a beverage known only on the Indian subcontinent is now appreciated virtually everywhere. METZ whole leaf chai blends luxury grade black tea leaves with 100% natural, premium spices, herbs and flavorings to brew a cup that’s sure to garner repeat visits to any cafe, restaurant or hotel. Chayee!
    1 product
    951 印度瑪莎拉香料茶 Cochin Masala Chai
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