Herb & Fruit Tisane 草本茶及果茶

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    Fun and flavorful:

    METZ Herb and Fruit teas are proprietary blends of herbs, dried flowers, berries and fruit pieces, crafted specially for our clients. Each of these are caffeine free and produce deeply flavored, luscious cups of highly sippable tisanes. (They’re also great over ice, and make a great softdrink alternative for kids.)


    METZ 香草和水果茶是專為我們的客戶製作的香草、乾花、莓果和水果片的飲品。其中每一種都不含咖啡因,它們也很適合加冰,是孩子們的絕佳軟飲料替代品。

    4 products
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