Functional Tea 養生茶

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    METZ 養生茶系列為您提供片刻喘息的療癒時間,補充身體所需的養分,再度上路重新出發。
    It’s a fact, life is busy, with no signs of slowing down. When our immune systems are compromised, energy levels drop making our ability to cope with the hectic side of life even more of a challenge. METZ Fuctional teas are here to provide the boost you need to stay on top of your game. Small batch crafted from natural ingredients, each of these are as delicious as they are restorative. Be well.
    2 products
    90H 有機薑黃蜜桃茶 Organic Turmeric Ginger Peach
    90G 西瓜青瓜水果綠茶 Cucumber Melon
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