Functional Tea 養生茶

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    Teas, herbs, fruits, and flowers have been valued by people who practice herbal medicine, Ayurveda, and nutrition for a long time. They've been used in different cultures to make remedies for various ailments like stomach problems, hangovers, and tiredness. METZ has created a series of Functional teas that are meant to help you feel better. While they can't make any medical claims about the teas, they can say that they taste good and have good ingredients.


    長期以來,從事草藥、阿育吠陀和營養學的人們都重視茶、草藥、水果和鮮花。它們在不同的文化中被用來治療各種疾病,如胃病、宿醉和疲勞。 METZ 創造了一系列旨在幫助您感覺更好的功能性茶味道好而且成分好。

    2 products
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