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    歡迎查詢客制化茶藝禮品系列 Customized Gift Series

    METZ Tea 特設客製化茶藝禮品服務,6款指定口味及加配心意卡作送禮用途

    另外METZ Tea 更設有茶包拆盒分包服務,適合婚禮回禮、散水Farewell,心意小禮物之選!

    METZ Tea is now offering customized gift set service, 6 specified flavors for customized gift set and add on a gift card for greeting. Additionally, METZ Tea also provides a packing service for wedding gifts, Farewell gift purpose.
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    認證 Certifications

    • 在加拿大混合和包裝 | Small batch blended and packed in Canada

    • FSSC 22000 認證 | FSSC 22000 certified

    • 真空包裝,確保新鮮 | Vacuum-packed for maximum freshness

    • 100% 天然 | 100% natural

    • 100% 可追蹤食品安全 | 100% trackable for food safety

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