Herbal Tea 草本茶

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    Natural treasure:

    Herbal teas are different from regular tea because they don't come from the Camellia sinensis plant and usually don't have caffeine. They can be grown in many places around the world and their quality depends on things like the soil, minerals, and moisture where they're grown. METZ herbal teas are made with flowers, herbs, or plants that are chosen for how well they grow in the region where they come from.


    它們不是來自山茶屬植物,通常不含咖啡因。它們可以在世界各地的許多地方種植,它們的質量取決於它們生長的土壤、礦物質和水分等因素。 METZ 草本茶採用鮮花、香草或植物製成,這些植物根據它們在產地的生長狀況而被挑選出來。

    2 products
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