Herbal Tea 草本茶

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    METZ 天然草本茶的材料源自尼羅河最古老, 肥沃的河岸土地,以及美國西北部的青翠山谷。 所有茶葉以整葉形式呈現,廣受豪華款待和餐飲服務歡迎。
     From the ancient loamy banks of the Nile to the verdant valleys of the American northwest. Our naturally grown herbal teas deliver nothing but a pure expression of the terroir in which they grow.
    Offered here in whole leaf form, portioned, and packaged for luxury hospitality and food service. These herbal teas offer a depth of character you don’t typically find in mass-market herbal teas. Sumptuously divine in every way.
    2 products
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