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    誰說冰茶只能來自一瓶? 如果您問我們,最好的冰茶是將新鮮沖泡的豪華級全葉茶加冰,用糖水調味,並用真正的水果裝飾。

    這就是為什麼我們調配了這個出色的豪華的優質冰茶。 這些是由 100% 天然茶、調味劑、水果和草藥製成的小批量產品,以我們更大的冰茶形式包裝
    這就是夏天的味道 ! 
    Who says iced tea only comes from a bottle? If you ask us, the best iced tea is made by pouring freshly brewed luxury grade whole leaf tea over ice, sweetening it with liquid sweetener and garnishing with real fruit. 
    That’s why we’ve assembled this outstanding lineup of luxury hospitality ready, premium iced tea blends. These are small batch crafted from 100% natural teas, flavorings, fruits and herbs, packed in our larger iced tea format. This is what summer tastes like.
    3 products
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