METZ Tea x Cudié [Mother’s Day Special 母親節優惠]

Apr 28, 2022

母親節優惠 / Mother’s Day Special

Honor your beloved ones with Heartwarming delights – Mother's Day Special Gift Set! 

Impress your loved ones with the Mother's Day Special Gift Set – an exclusive luxury tea set with selected 2 signature METZ Tea blends, including Catànies® Cudié 80g

With every sip, enjoy the masterful tea experience in the festive celebration. You can choose your own flavor for a customized gift set. Happy Shopping!


Catànies® are Catànies® Cudié’s most emblematic creation: an irresistible combination of nuts and chocolate. Handmade with the queen of almonds, the Mediterranean Marcona, caramelised over a low heat, coated with an exquisite white praline and with a final coating of premium cocoa powder. Gluten free.


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