About METZ Tea 品牌故事 🇨🇦


METZ Luxury Tea 品牌源自於加拿大🍁🇨🇦,多年來致力發掘世界各地的優質茶葉,為酒店和高級貴賓廳提供高品質、健康、矜貴的品茶體驗。

每款METZ tea 的茶葉配方均由專業茶藝師精心調配,選用100%頂級天然材料,茶葉在最時令當造時被採摘,再經過嚴格過程而成,細細品味,彷彿每嘗一口茶都感受到採摘地區的異國風土人情 。茶藝師悉心為每個配方注入獨特元素,帶來前所未有的口感和餘韻,並達致身、心、靈平衡的養生之效,融化每位品茗者的心。


近年,METZ tea 積極支持環保發展、公平貿易以及教育工作。茶包、茶線等以生物降解的物料包裝,大大減少了25%的包裝,亦優先採用公平貿易的製作材料;為品茶師及侍茶師提供培訓,分享混茶及品嚐等茶藝專業知識。

未來,METZ Tea 希望透過網上商店把矜貴極致的品茶體驗帶到香港每一個家庭、連繫每一個人的生活,相信 METZ Luxury Tea 將會是節日送禮的健康首選,成為最真摯的一份祝福。




METZ Tea delivers a robust selection of the finest teas and tisanes the planet has to offer, sourced directly from worldʼs finest growers & farmers.

Blended & manufactured in Canada, METZ Tea is backed by decades of tea blending & tasting expertise by world renowned Metropolitan Luxury Tea Group (founded in 1991).

Over the years, our Tea Masters create unique tea blends to provide quality & luxury tea tasting experience. We offer 100% trackable teas and tisanes. A true, crop-to-cup experience.

Every single tea we produce is tested for more than 400 different compounds and residues to ensure that what ends in your cup is the highest quality tea.

In 2021, we launched our products for Hong Kong market. Nowadays, METZ Tea is proudly featured at leading local retailers and e-commerce shops, sharing our luxury tea tasting experience to Hong Kongers and international tourists.