Organic Blue Nile Camomile  971
Organic Blue Nile Camomile  971
Organic Blue Nile Camomile  971
Organic Blue Nile Camomile  971
Organic Blue Nile Camomile  971

Organic Blue Nile Camomile 971


Organic Blue Nile Camomile 971


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Leaf style: Chopped flowers

Ingredients: Camomile*, Cornflower*

Country of origin: Egypt (Region: Fayoum), Kosovo (Region: Pristina)

Cup flavor: Soothing & restful – crabapple notes.

Description According to legend, camomile was left in the burial chambers of the great Pharaohs as a peace offering for the other inhabitants of heaven. The camomile was harvested from the loamy floodplains of the Nile, fortified with minerals deposited over thousands of years. Blue Nile Camomile comes from these same banks and fields as the flowers of antiquity. To this we’ve added a smattering of complementary flowers and fruit pieces for added depth and dimension. Here’s to eternity.

Brewing strength
Mild: 2-3 minutes
Medium: 4-5 minutes
Strong: 6–7 minutes
We recommend mild to medium.

Best enjoyed:
• Straight up or
• With a dollop of honey


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Customer Reviews

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Metz luxury tea review

I have purchased the organic blue Nike camomile 300g tea. The packing itself is not very user friendly. It will be more convenient If it is a ziplock packing. I also think purchasing over HKD300 should entitled free delivery. The delivery fee is not transparent throughout the online purchase process. Overall the taste of the tea is good, the quality is indifferences with the individual packing tea. Thanks


Chamomile Tea is a classic herbal infusion that never fails to deliver a sense of tranquility. The flavor is gentle and comforting, perfect for winding down after a busy day. The packaging had a rustic charm, and the aroma of chamomile blossoms was enchanting. A cup of this tea is like a warm, cozy hug


Chamomile Tea is a staple in my tea collection. The mild and floral taste instantly puts me at ease. The packaging was elegant and simple, reflecting the purity of the tea. The scent of chamomile flowers fills the air, creating a serene atmosphere. It's a must-have for anyone seeking relaxation and peace


Chamomile Tea has become my go-to bedtime ritual. The delicate floral taste of chamomile is incredibly soothing, helping me relax and unwind before sleep. The packaging was charming, and the scent of the tea instantly calms my senses. This tea has improved the quality of my sleep, and I can't recommend it enough

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